What is WhatsApp? How to Use and Advantages of WhatsApp

What is WhatsApp?

How to Use and Advantages of WhatsApp

What is WhatsApp? How to Use and Advantages of WhatsApp

Referring to calling and messaging applications on smartphones, laptops, WhatsApp is one of the top choices that users prioritize. WhatsApp owns many outstanding advantages in terms of features, security and interface,… brings a really great experience. However, is it difficult to control the application? What are the benefits that WhatsApp offers? We invite you to update the details to start using smoothly and effectively.


What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is no longer a strange name for phone and laptop users, but for those who are in the process of finding out, there will be many concerns that need to be fully and accurately updated.

What is the concept of WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp?

This is an application owned by Facebook that supports free calling and messaging on multiple platforms over IP (VoIP). The software allows users to send text messages, voice or make regular calls, videos, share documents, location, images and many other attractive utilities.


History of WhatsApp

On February 24, 2009, WhatsApp was officially launched to the public by Jan Koum. The original idea came from the goal of helping users post short, available status descriptions.

In June 2009, WhatsApp appeared for the first time on the iOS operating system, specifically the iPhone with only a few hundred uses. After this event, the software entered a strong boom period, also began to encroach on other platforms and update more features.

What is the breakthrough development for WhatsApp?

It is spreading to many countries, including undeveloped countries because here they trust a lot in SMS.

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On February 19, 2014, Facebook spent $ 19 billion to buy WhatsApp with more than 450 million users. This is also considered the biggest deal ever of this famous company (Facebook).


What are the advantages of WhatsApp?

The reason, so far, this software has received a warm welcome from users because:

WhatsApp message security

It as the ability to integrate end-to-end encryption, increasing security efficiency in case the device falls into the hands from bad guy. In addition, this also has the effect of ensuring that chats are not disturbed by 3rd parties.


Comfortable chat

WhatsApp supports users to make regular video calls and videos comfortably. Similar to messages, end-to-end encryption is also set up to ensure absolute privacy.


Free to use

What are the highlights of WhatsApp? Users do not need to pay any fees when installing or using the software. All are provided free of charge. This is also one of the strengths that helps WhatsApp to gain a large number of users around the world.


What are 7 popular WhatsApp features?

Not only impressed by its outstanding security features, but WhatsApp also attracts a large number of users by possessing many useful features as follows:


Hidden feature Last seen

What is the hidden feature Last seen on WhatsApp ?

This setting allows to hide the last timestamp that the user visited. However, if you want to ensure your privacy, you can still disable this feature easily.


Message Backup and Restore

This is the most anticipated feature on messaging apps. The good news is that WhatsApp has done this. The software will automatically backup messages periodically. As for the restore function, WhatsApp will not support doing it directly, you need to uninstall and reinstall the software then proceed with the operation.

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Lock WhatsApp application

In the process of using WhatsApp, if you do not want others to know your personal information, you can proceed to lock the software to ensure privacy. However, this feature is only supported on Android and BlackBerry platforms.


Create Shortcuts for Important Contacts

When users frequently message with someone else on WhatsApp, the application will allow to set up a shortcut. This has the effect of making it easy to find them quickly among many other contacts. In addition, this person’s contacts will also be conveniently displayed right on HomeScreen so you don’t have to spend time accessing the software and searching.


Change phone number

Changing phone number on WhatsApp is extremely simple. Users only need to access Settings and proceed to edit as desired.


Message Statistics on Android

What is Special Features on WhatsApp?

That is the message statistics setting for the Android platform. This feature will record all relevant metrics such as friends, frequently contacted friends, most active groups in a day, etc., making it easier and more convenient for users to use.


Share phone call location

To find someone’s location, we need to scan the map to find the most accurate location, with WhatsApp’s location sharing feature will make it more convenient for you to be identified. Location by phone helps users search quickly and save time.


Above is a summary of useful information related to what is WhatsApp. Hope this sharing has helped you to have a more reasonable choice for your information exchange work.

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