How to create an application without knowing how to program

How to create an application without knowing how to program

How to create an application without knowing how to program

Professional programmers are always looking for and even inventing new ways to program software. However, for those just starting out, the ways of software programming are still a very new area of ​​knowledge.

So what knowledge do newbies need to grasp before programming software?

Let’s find out together.

What is Software?


Software is a collection of files capable of instructing a computer to do a certain function. These files are created through writing source code files in one or more programming languages.


How to program software

The simplest way to program software that you don’t know.

Depending on its usage, software is classified into several groups: System software: used to operate computers or electronic devices . Such as: operating system Windows, Unix, Linux, driver, BIOS…

There are also operating systems on mobile devices such as iOS, Android, watchOS, wearOS… 

Application software: office software, video games (games), other utility tool applications, etc. 

Source code translation software: Includes compilers and interpreters. They can translate source files and execute instructions in the code, or translate the source code into a more executable form of instructions in the future. The goal of translation software is to make it possible for the receiving computer to execute the program.

Application Platforms: are the platforms on which other applications operate.

Other applications leverage the platform’s capabilities to ensure that the application is successfully packaged, executed, and served to the end user. Once you have mastered the basic software concepts above. Then how to program software with you will not be difficult anymore.

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What is source code?

Normally, the end user is only allowed to use the software without being allowed to explore, modify or redistribute it to others in any way. This is a closed source software convention. However, there is an exception that is with open source software. Open source software is software whose source code is publicly available. They are subject to a number of licenses under which any individual has the right to explore, make a copy, modify, and continue to distribute the software without asking the author’s permission.

Why should you care about this?

Open source software is an important driver of the development of the software industry.

The open source developer community is one of the most active, open, and pro-growth communities you’ll ever come across. Open source programming repositories, forums, and groups are places where you can gather a lot about code, how to program software, about new tools, languages, and knowledge. Simple software programming you need to know There are many different ways to program software. Currently, there are many applications that belong to the group of “software development tools” created. It meets the needs of all users. But for those who are just learning to code, those software will be a bit difficult to use. To see what software programming is like, there is a very simple way. You can do it right away without having to install any software applications.


Programming a Simple Application

  • Step 1: Open a text file editor

Use any text file editor software. On Windows operating system you can always use Notepad. You just need to use the Windows R key, the Run dialog box will appear. You just need to type Notepad into the dialog box and then press Enter. For MacOS users, use spotlight to search for Textedit software.

  • Step 2: Edit the source code
  • Step 3: Save the source code file
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Save the source code as a source code file. Note in the next step we will open this source code with a Web browser, so the source code file needs to have the .html extension.

To do this, go to the File / Save as… menu, the Save as dialog box will appear. Enter the filename as “my-app.html”, note the trailing “, otherwise Notepad will save your filename as my-app.html.txt.

You can choose a different name for the file, as long as it’s easy to remember, but note that the file must have the .html extension, save the file somewhere easy to find, then go to the next step.

  • Step 4: Open the application

Double-click the source code file, the Web browser will be launched and open the source code for you.

Try clicking the Tick button to see how the program responds to your actions. Although everything you do here is very simple, it actually reflects every step of developing an application software, from coding, executing, packaging to distribution. This is the simplest software programming that you can easily do.


Notes on software programming

When programming a program or software, its ultimate purpose is still high applicability. The software should be easy to use and user-friendly and really useful. So, software programming is not easy. It needs programmers to converge many different factors.

A software is simple and complex it is different in its structure, its structure is also known as software nature. When programming software is not just knowledge.

Besides, it requires high working skills of programmers. Because, this is the most important factor in the process of creating a program. Work skills include knowledge that requires programmers to understand the practical knowledge of all times.

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On the other hand, programmers need to be proficient in programming languages.

Programming tools are indispensable. There is a quality that every programmer must have that is meticulous, careful, thoughtful. In order to pursue this career, you need to have those qualities to be able to succeed in the job. Persistence is the most important factor for programmers. Because when they have perseverance, they can decode complex codes in programs.