How to download Chrome for Macbook extremely fast

How to download Chrome for Macbook extremely fast

How to download Chrome for Macbook extremely fast

 1. Details how to install Google Chrome for MacBook

  • Step 1: Go to Google Chrome Web Browser and click Downloads Chrome and wait for a while for the application to be downloaded. Note: If this item shows up to select the Mac version, then click on “Mac with Intel Chip” if your computer is a Macbook using Intel Core i5, i7 chip… And if you use a Macbook M1 (Apple M1), then click select. “Mac with Apple Chips”.
  • Step 2: Open Finder to downloads or click on the newly downloaded item on the Dock. The Chrome file is in the format googlechrome.dmg. Click on the file and wait for a while for the file to run.
  • Step 3: Drag the Chrome icon to the Application folder below. In this operation, there may be a dialog box asking you to enter the administrator password, enter the machine password to continue the installation. Otherwise, you just need to wait for a while for the device to install.
  • Step 4: After running, you just need to double click on the Chrome icon to open the browser to use it. Normally when you open Chrome, you can set Chrome as the default browser by checking the box below. But if you have not done this step, you can set Chrome as the default browser as follows: Click on the Apple menu => Open System Preferences of the machine => Select the item General => General => You scroll down until you see the item Default web browser (Default web browser) => Click to select Google Chrome as your default browser and you’re done.
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2. How to uninstall Google Chrome for MacBook

After you have installed Google Chrome for MacBook but you feel heavy, Google Chrome consumes a lot of Ram, takes up space or the experience is not satisfactory, you can also uninstall it this browser.

To uninstall Chrome, do the following steps:

  • Step 1: Open Finder (smiley icon on the Dock) => Select the Application item.
  • Step 2: In the newly opened applications, you search for the icon of the Google Chrome browser. Right-click this icon and select Move to Trash. Finally, click Empty Trash to complete the removal of Google Chrome. This is pretty simple, isn’t it?


3. What advantages does Google Chrome have over Safari?

Let’s take a look at its advantages below!


a. Friendly interface, smart browser

It’s not a coincidence that Google Chrome browser has become the leading web browser in the world. With a large and varied amount of information, a friendly and easy-to-use interface, Chrome regularly updates with new improvements, most suitable for users.

Chrome also warns users when visiting a website that is suspected of having a virus. Help create the safest surfing environment. It can be said that this is the smartest web browser when it can help users find the necessary information extremely quickly and accurately.

Not only that, it can also be used easily on any operating system: MacOS, Windows, iOS or Android, … all of which are extremely well optimized.


b. Sync browsing, incognito mode

The recent version of Google Chrome also has an advantage that many people like that is the synchronization feature. Now, your browsing data is all synced no matter what device you use, just log in to your Google account, all your data, your notes, gmail,… everything is synced end.

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Thanks to that, even if there is a virus, drive failure, reinstalling MacOS, you can also get back the data saved in your Chrome account very quickly and easily.

And you can easily find unfinished work even if you switch devices. Besides, installing Chrome for MacBook also gives you another benefit. That is to allow browsing with incognito mode, if you do not want to be saved history or track information, using this mode is also quite convenient.

When browsing in this mode, Chrome will not save your information including: Information that the user has filled in the form Site data and Cookies User’s browsing history Cookies Information security More web browsing is also a good mode of Google, isn’t it!


c. Personalize your browsing experience

Even if you’re on the same device, you can split and manage multiple Google accounts.

Each account you can name, save information and let them use different functions. This is the ultimate personalized user experience. Especially if there is only one PC but there are too many users, then you just need to enable browsing mode as a Guest or you can create a new profile completely to not mix information with other people.

With each additional Google account you create, you can make different settings. Along with that comes thousands of great themes and add-ons. Thereby helping you to categorize work, each user or each recreated account is personalized, increasing the experience even more. This feature plus the main sync feature is the perfect duo for you.

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Do you know how to install Chrome for MacBook?

If you still can’t install it or have any problems, please contact us immediately for the fastest support!