How to fix the blue screen of death on Windows

How to fix the blue screen of death on Windows

How to fix the blue screen of death on Windows

Signs to identify blue screen error

That blue screen error appears right after the memoirs screen ends( that is, has not entered the Windows cargo screen, there’s a vertical bar handling), it’s 99 due to AHCI error in the system. memoirs setup.

To check again, go to the memoirs( press F2, F10, F10, cancel depending on the model when starting to bobble), and see in the hard drive mode- SATA Mode is IDE or AHCI.

Possible causes of blue screen on Windows XP, Win 10, Win 8

1. Due to Windows error

This is due to innumerous reasons that are delicate to explain, which is the operating system error, the error caused by the error. contagions, crimes due to motorist conflicts, inharmonious software crimes.

  • Please try some of the troubleshooting way below
  • Please REMOVE the most lately installed software program, motorist.
  • Renew the computer a many times( or open numerous operations at the same time) to see if the blue screen miracle is still there
  • Cancel all junk lines in temp brochure( go to Run> type temp> Enter) and temp brochure( go to Run> type temo> Enter).
  • Clean spare lines, junk lines from the system, also renew the computer.

2. Due to the videotape card motorist

Check in Device director if your display motorist is missing or not?

Installs the wrong motorist, if your VGA motorist is lost. also the system arrow will display as Standard VGA motorist, not model, specific number.


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3. Computer tackle

Why computer tackle?

What exactly is the tackle then?

We can understand roughly like this, a computer is a combination of tackle system( examiner, keyboard, CPU, RAM, hard drive, sound card, videotape card.) software and motorist system( so that the operating system” recognizes” the tackle in Windows).

And during use, it’s possible that the hard drive string is loose, the RAM legs are dirty. will also lead to the blue screen error.

The fix then’s that you can remove and reinstall it yourself( requires professed druggies and support tools) or take it to a estimable computer form shop for specialized staff to check again, Machine cleaning, software conservation.

Tips to help fix blue screen error on Windows

1.Record the stop law of Windows blue screen error

In Windows 10, the BSOD contains a sad face, along with a simple error communication. Below you’ll see a link to Microsoft’s blue screen troubleshooting runner, QR law, and Stop Code field.

still, you can overlook the QR law with your phone’s camera to go to Microsoft’s support runner, If you want. The most important part is to validate the stop law listed on the runner, this will help you narrow down how to fix the problem.


2. Try troubleshooting specific to the error law


3. Reviewing recent computer changes

In numerous cases, you will start seeing blue screen crimes after making changes to your system. similar changes can introduce problematic rudiments into a stable terrain. relating this may help fix your problem.

For illustration, if you just installed a new printer, try freeing it from the computer and see if the blue screen error persists.

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Go to Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update and click View update history, If you lately ran a Windows update.

On the coming runner with the list, click Uninstall updates at the top and remove the most recent update to see if that solves the problem. Same goes forsoftware.However, try removing the app, If you notice the blue screen error appearing after installing a new app.


4. Overlook for Malware

Malware can damage your Windows system lines and lead to blue screen crimes. You should overlook for contagions to rule out anything like this.


5. Charge into Safe Mode

Depending on the inflexibility of the problem, you can perform all of the troubleshooting way above while working in Windows as usual. still, if you have major problems, blue screen crimes can help you from working duly.

In that case, you need to bobble into Safe Mode. Safe Mode allows you to load a introductory Windows configuration with only the rudiments to run. This prevents third- party apps from snooping with normaloperation.However, also an installed app or service is causing the problem, If you can work in Safe Mode without the blue screen error. While in Safe Mode, you can overlook for malware, use system restore, and troubleshoot in other ways as bandied in the composition.


6. Use advanced tools

For deeper troubleshooting, you can use Windows leave lines, which record information after the system crashes to make it easier to understand the situation. They’re generally only for advanced druggies.


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7. Reinstall Windows 10

still, you need to reinstall Windows on your computer, If all additional fails. At this point, you’ve ruled out common problems, so there is bound to be some deeper issues on your system.


Good luck!