How to get paid from facebook

How to get paid from facebook

How to get paid from facebook

How to make money on Facebook, why is it so sought after today? 

1. Selling on Facebook 

This is one of the most popular ways to make money on FB today, chosen by many people. If you have business “blood” and want to own your own business, you can choose this form. To make money with Facebook through sales, you first choose a product or service that is “hot” to attract customers, then write a post on your personal page, the main Fanpage for interaction. When customers are interested in your products and services, they will order through Facebook, from which you have revenue. The advantage of this way of making money on Facebook is that there are no fees for renting premises, sales staff, etc., which helps to optimize costs when doing business.


2. Run rental ads to make money Facebook


The online market is getting more and more exciting, leading to the increasing demand for running Facebook ads. Targeting this need, you open a rental advertising service to make money on Facebook. This is also the way to make money on Facebook you can choose. However, this form is highly competitive. You must have the right advertising strategy to be effective. Running ads is not a simple job, but if you study hard, learn how to run Ads, you will earn a decent income every month.

3. Increase likes for Fanpage 

This is a fairly popular service online and the demand for customers to buy Fanpage likes is quite large. If a sales Fanpage has a high amount of interaction, many likes, it will make customers believe and think that this is a reputable business unit. From there, they will order directly on Fanpage. If you want to make money from Facebook, open a service to increase Fanpage likes for customers, help them make orders, sell effectively and earn profits.

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4. How to make money from Facebook Ad Breaks 

This way to make money on Facebook is quite new to some people. This is a program similar to YouTube, making money by inserting short ads before, during or at the end of the video. Viewers see the end of that ad, you get paid. This way of making money is not too difficult, but in order to earn income through Ad Breaks, you must own a Fanpage with 10,000 likes, located in the allowed country because the current programs only apply in some countries and languages. determined. Vietnam is also on the list of applying the form of making money from Facebook Ad Breaks.


5. Service to unlock advertising accounts from Facebook 

Facebook accounts are often locked for many different reasons, most of which are newbies who have no experience in unlocking. If you know how to unlock your account, this is also a way for you to make money on Facebook. This service requires you to have real experience to open a Facebook ad account, from which to earn money. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to compete with other competitors.


6. Create a Facebook group and sell it for money 

Group Facebook is now a powerful tool to reach users, you can create a group about something, invite friends and relatives to join to get interaction . Once you have a certain number, you will sell the group to those who have a need to develop their work. The more members join, the more money you will earn from the Facebook group.

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7. Facebook Gaming Monetization


Facebook allows game livestreamers in Vietnam to receive money through viewership, competing directly with YouTube, Twitch and many other platforms. Currently, some gamers have taken advantage of Facebook’s livestream feature to earn extra income. The larger the number of people watching the livestream, the more benefits streamers are given priority by units and companies.


8. Post PR articles in Facebook groups 

Some businesses and individuals often hire staff to write PR articles to post in large groups. You can often come across PR articles in the group with shortened links about products and services. If the group has a large number of members, you can post articles on it and receive money. The advantage of this way of making money on Facebook is that many people are interested. However, if you want to post a post that is highly attractive, you must put yourself in the position of the reader to give truthful information, in line with the needs of the person who is using the product or service being PR. Besides, the article must also contain prominent keywords so as not to be lost. Posting PR posts in a Facebook group does not take much time, effort or capital. It can be said that this is a safe way to make money on Facebook that you should choose.


9. Writing articles to promote products with your personal brand on Facebook

Writing articles to promote products and services of certain businesses with your personal brand on Facebook is quite difficult, but the remuneration received is not low. . This way of making money on Facebook is quite special, you just need to have a personal account with a lot of followers and good advertising writing skills, then the content you post can reach many people.

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10. Freelancer on Facebook 

The job of a freelancer related to Facebook is to manage Fanpage, post daily articles, increase likes, comments and share articles, run Facebook Ads, monitor and optimize, write Fanpage content, increase views for livestream, …. These jobs are sought by many businesses and individuals. If you have done similar jobs, you can become a freelancer making money from Facebook. With this role, you can earn money from home in your spare time.