how to have two screens on iphone

Can the iPhone split-screen? how to have two screens on iphone

how to have two screens on iphone

The answer is definitely yes. Because of the improvement over the generations, iPhones with a size of 5.5 inches or more have been considered by Apple and brought a very convenient split-screen feature for users.Split screen on the iPhone is a feature where users can easily run 2 apps on the iPhone at the same time. This is an extremely useful feature for those who love Apple phones.

So to split the iPhone screen, what should be done?

What benefits do they bring to IP users?

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What are the benefits of split-screen on the iPhone?

It can be said that using the split screen feature on the iPhone is extremely useful. It brings many benefits to users, such as:

• Allows you to open 2 tabs at the same time on your device, such as needing 2 documents to look up or displaying 2 accounts on social networks,…

•Bring convenience, so you can easily handle the job.

• Helps you save time at work; easy to see when using the same device.

Despite providing this great feature, the iOS operating system is not providing too much information on how to split the screen on an iPhone. Therefore, many people have missed this useful feature.


Instructions on how to split the screen on the iPhone with Slide Over


Understanding the desires of users when looking for a simple and easy way to split the screen on the iPhone, here are some suggestions for you:

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• Step 1: Launch the second app.

To split the screen on iOS, start by finding the second app you want and opening it. Then close it. The application will now appear in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Launch your primary app.

Next, open the main app you want in full screen mode. Then keep swiping up from the bottom to reveal the toolbar with pinned apps as well as the most recently used apps.

Step 3: Move the cursor to the second application.

In this step, you long press on the second application, then drag it up from the toolbar to close the Slide Over application, or swipe to the right side of the screen to display and open it there.


Rearrange windows when IP splits the screen


Here are the steps to guide you through how to rearrange windows when IP split screen is extremely easy to understand. Instructions for splitting the iPhone screen in detail are as follows:

Step 1: Hide and re-show the pop-up tab

If you’re looking to hide a second app, just tap the gray bar at the top of it and drag it to the side of the screen to make it disappear. On the contrary, if you want to bring it back, just swipe in from the side you left it off and it will turn back on.

Step 2: Enable the split screen feature.

The second tab will now be on top of the first, and you can split the screen between the two tabs if you want. You proceed to press and hold the gray bar at the top of the 2nd tab and drag it down or up. Both tabs will now be dimmed, but when you release them, they’ll be side by side and no text will be obscured. If you want to reverse it, just follow the same procedure again.

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Step 3: Applicant balance

If you want the 2nd app to be bigger, you can simply drag the bar between them to the halfway mark on the screen or as far as you like according to the split ratio of 50:50 or 25:75.


How to split the iPhone screen with 3rd party applications


If the iPhone you are using is on iOS 11.2 or later, you can fully experience the split screen feature with 3rd party applications completely free. How to split an iPhone screen with the Splitware application as follows:

• Step 1: To customize 2 applications running in parallel on the screen, select the “S” shaped icon

• Step 2: Continue by selecting two applications to run in parallel. The screen will immediately split these two applications and they will work together. You can freely perform operations on each application. With the sharing of step-by-step implementation, you probably already know how to split the screen of an iPhone iOS 14 or higher, right? No need for 3rd party support; with the iPhone 12 Pro Max phone, you can easily split the screen with the iOS 15.1 operating system.


Take note when using the iPhone with two screens open


When using the iPhone split screen feature, you need to note:

• You should do each step carefully to avoid mistakes

• The split screen feature makes it simple and effective to use on an iPhone.

• For the time being, Splitwire split screen mode only supports the following applications: Google Maps, eBay, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google Search,…

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Therefore, some applications may not be displayed when using this mode.