How to pickup 4K streaming TV for free with YouTube TV

How to pickup 4K streaming TV for free with YouTube TV

How much does it cost to add 4K to YouTube TV?

If you’re looking to add 4K resolution to your YouTube TV experience, you’ll want to be prepared to pay a fair bit of money. According to YouTube TV’s website, it costs an additional $4 per month to add the resolution to your account. So, if you’re already subscribing to YouTube TV, it’ll cost you an additional $8 per month to get the full 4K experience. However, there are a few ways to get around this cost.

One way to get around the $8 per month cost is to use a streaming device that supports 4K resolution. The PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, and Apple TV 4K all support 4K resolution, so you can use them to access 4K YouTube TV content. Additionally, many cable providers offer 4K-compatible bundles that include a streaming device. If you’re not interested in purchasing a streaming device, you can also try using a streaming server. A streaming server can be used to access 4K YouTube TV content from other devices on your network.

Overall, the cost of adding 4K resolution to your YouTube TV experience is $8 per month. However, there are a variety of ways to get around this cost. If you’re interested in adding 4K resolution to your YouTube TV experience, be sure to check out YouTube TV’s website for more information.

How to Get Free 4K Streaming TV from YouTube TV.

To get free 4K streaming TV on YouTube TV, you first need to sign up for a YouTube TV account. Once you have an account, go to the “Accounts” page and sign in with your username and password. Then click on the “4K Streaming TV” tab.

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On the “4K Streaming TV” tab, you will see a list of available channels. You can choose to watch any channel from this list or add them to your channel lineup. To add a channel, simply click on it and enter your desired information (like channel name and start time).

You can also find live 4K streaming channels by searching for them on YouTube TV or by visiting their website. Live channels will usually be broadcast in high definition (HDR) so you’ll experience crisper images and better sound quality than ever before.

If you’re looking for more ways to save money while watching online television, look into digital video recorders (DVRs) like TiVo or Sony Playstation Vue that can record multiple shows at once and play them back later without having to re-watch them.

How to Pick the Right 4K Streaming TV Service.

There are a number of different types of 4K streaming TV services available today. To pick the right service for you, it’s important to choose one that offers a high-quality image and stabilized streaming experience. Additionally, make sure to compare the fees and features of different services before making your purchase.

Compare the Options.

When choosing a 4K streaming TV service, it can be helpful to compare them against each other in terms of price, quality, and features. You can find this information on websites like Amazon or Walmart. Additionally, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook offer great insights into which services are being offered in your area.

Compare the Fees.

When looking at streaming TV services, it’s important to remember that there are often monthly fees as well as annual fees associated with them. Make sure to compare the total cost of all your subscriptions before making a decision!

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How to Use the 4K Streaming TV Service.

To use the 4K Streaming TV service, add it to your cable or satellite TV package. Once you have it added, you can use it to watch TV. To watch TV, you will need a 4K streaming device and an internet connection.

Use the 4K Streaming TV Service to Watch TV.

To watch TV with the 4K streaming service, connect your 4K streaming device and internet connection to your television. Then use the appropriate channels to access live programming. For example, if you are using the service for entertainment purposes, you may want to connect your device to a monitor and watch programming from home or on the go.

Use the 4K Streaming TV Service to Stream TV.

To stream live television with the 4K streaming service, connect your4K streaming device and internet connection to your television and sign in with YouTube TV. Then use one of its many applications (like Netflix) to stream live programming from your computer or mobile devices.


Choosing the right 4K streaming TV service can be a difficult task. However, by comparing the options and finding the best deal, you can get the best possible experience. With an excellent 4K streaming TV service, you can enjoy high-quality content without having to worry about expensive monthly fees. By using the 4K streaming TV service to watch TV and connect to the internet, you can also stay connected even when there’s no signal.