How to play Pubg Mobile for begginers

How to play Pubg Mobile for begginers

Practice before entering the match PUBG 

Mobile game room is a place for you to comfortably practice, fight if you just lost a battle or simply try using available weapons or vehicles. With most games, the practice mode plays a very important role so that the newcomers have a little combat experience before coming to the fierce survival battlefield. However, gamers in this battle royale game do not seem to care too much about Training Mode. If you are a beginner, you should choose this room to practice, which will help you become proficient in adjusting the keyboard buttons as well as the pros and cons of each gun, which gun helps you to shoot more familiar. As you know when participating in this survival shooter game we will fight to survive to the end, otherwise you will become a loser, this time in the top 5, the top 10 doesn’t seem to matter anymore. you must be unique, the number 1. To do this you should join the training mode to gain combat experience, avoid heavy damage when participating in the survival arena.

How to play Pubg Mobile for begginers

Aim carefully before shooting 

When you spot enemies moving in front of you, it’s best to aim at them before shooting. So you will not waste bullets, accuracy will also increase and more especially when you shoot, the player will determine your position. Be careful. In PUBG, what is more pleasant than other types of FPS games is that you will have an extra fire button on the left. It will help you both aim and shoot easily. You are a new player, if you do not aim carefully before shooting, when you do not kill the enemy, you will be detected and the enemy will shoot you immediately. So, if you detect the enemy you need to aim accurately, or properly aim at the head to destroy the enemy fastest because the head damage is the heaviest.

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Play smarter than others 

Owning the best weapons doesn’t determine victory, it’s your brain. This means that you hear gunfire wherever you are rushing there. And it also doesn’t mean that you yourself have to try to get yourself a kill to do anything. Prudence is key in PUBG, knowing when to kill and not to kill will give you a lot of advantages. Think twice before pulling the trigger, because when you fire, you will reveal your position to nearby enemies. Smart does not mean cowardly, for new players, hiding and finding a safe place to wait is also very thrilling. Not to mention it’s extremely boring and it doesn’t teach you any experience. Hiding only helps you avoid unnecessary combat. Along with that, you are a new player, so you have no experience in combat, so use strategies to win. So don’t be afraid to go to the counting board because up to 98 other players will “sleep” together. with you in a PUBG game. Let failure bring experiences that make you better. PUBG is a game that wins or loses in skill and strategy.


Know the Weapons

There are many guns in PUBG, each good in different situations, such as shotguns that are extremely good at close range but useless at long range. Most guns are supported with attachments from silencers to stock, which will overcome weaknesses and turn them into destruction machines. Most of the time you’ll want to look for guns like the M16A and AKM. These are extremely good guns at both close and long range, especially if you can find a scope. Shotguns are quite rare but well worth it if you own them and especially support all scopes. As you get better at PUBG you will find out how important it is to have a good gun and the accessories that go with it, especially towards the late game. If you take the time to try each gun to find the one that suits you best, it will be better than any advice. Learning and learning each gun as well as getting familiar with them will make you better adapted and increase your skills higher.

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Research and Adjust the Controls 

The first thing you need to do before you play is to turn on the control knobs, research the necessary buttons and set them up to what you think works best. There are many buttons in the game and you will need to coordinate them and remember the function of each button to apply them. You’ll have to press and hold it a lot to look around in third person mode. With so many people your enemy so this will be the button that you want to use often. When playing PUBG, your character will have to kneel and lie down a lot, this will help you to be less detected. Along with that, is the use of convenient buttons that help you move faster and more proficiently, shooting much faster than others.


Do not choose crowded places to parachute Before jumping, you must choose the ideal drop point, where there must be many guns and necessary equipment for your survival. There are 2 factors to this decision. That building has a lot to pick up. That building has many people entering and trying to kill you This is a dilemma, what you need to do is avoid those houses and focus on the adjacent ones, you will most likely pick up the equally rare. Some people really want to jump into crowded areas, pick up weapons and start “killing”. However, if you are a rookie, do not follow! Because if you follow you will die very quickly without being able to play to the end

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