How to record Google Meet screen with sound on computer

How to record Google Meet screen with sound on computer

This instruction will talk about how to record a meeting on Google Meet.

How to record Google Meet screen with sound on computer

According to a recent survey, Google is the top brand that people can’t live without. It makes sense to assume that you can access YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive and more with one account. Furthermore, Google continues to introduce new services, such as Google Meet. This is a video conferencing service available for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. Lots of schools and small businesses are using Google Meet. That’s why this article shares three methods to help you save important Google meetings.


Part 1: How to record a Google meeting with the built-in record button

To use the built-in recording feature in Google Meet, you must have a Google G Suite account. Furthermore, your Google Drive must have enough space. Remember that only the organizer or accounts within the same organization have privileges.

  • Step 1: Open the Google Meet app, sign in to your account, create a new meeting, or join an existing one.
  • Step 2: Click Menu with three dots icon and select Record Meeting on the context list. When the Request Consent dialog box pops up, click Accept to confirm it. When recording begins, a notification will be sent to all participants.
  • Step 3: To stop recording during the meeting, click the Menu button and select Stop Recording. When prompted, tap Stop Recording again. Another option is to wait for the meeting to end and the recording will stop automatically.

Note: The recording link will be sent to the organizer and yourself as an email.

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Part 2: How to record a meeting by Google without the record button

Although the built-in recording feature is easy to use, it cannot save meetings secretly. Therefore, you may want to record a meeting on Google Meet without using the Record button.

Method 1: The best way to record a meeting on Google secretly

For those who are not organized, Vidmore Screen Recorder is the best option to record a meeting on Google Meet. Furthermore, Google can neither detect the recording nor notify other members. Best Google Meet Voice Recorder Basic Features Record a meeting on Google Meet without an organizer account. Overlay your face and voice for real-time recording. Schedule to record meetings automatically.


How to record a meeting on Google secretly 

  • Step 1: Set up meeting recording

Run the best Google Meet recorder after installation. It is compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X. Select Recorder continues. Advanced users can click the Gearbox icon to open the Preferences dialog box and modify customization options related to hotkeys, output, and more.

  • Step 2: Record a meeting on Google

Turn on Gallery and set the recording area based on Google Meet and turn on the Sound system and adjust the volume. If you want to overlay your face and voice into the recording, turn on the Webcam and Checkered Microphone; if not, disable them. To schedule a recording, click Schedule, give it a name, set a Start Time, and other options. Then it will work automatically. To record a meeting manually, join it and click REC on the recorder.

  • Step 3: Save the meeting to computer
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When you want to stop recording, click Stop to enter the preview window. Here you can play the recording using the built-in media player. The Clips feature at the bottom can help you trim unwanted frames by resetting the start and end points. If you’re happy with it, click Save to export it to your hard drive.

In addition to Google meetings, you can use this great meeting recorder to zoom, broadcast AnyMeeting or other video conferences as you like.


Method 2: Record a Google meeting online secretly

Google is popular in part because it’s free to use in most cases. For example, with a regular account, you can join any Google meeting without any payment. For students, Vidmore Free Online Screen Recorder is a great option to record Google meetings for free.

  1. Free unlimited quantity. 
  2. Record Google meetings online without setting. 
  3. Directly share recordings to social networks. 

How to record a secret online meeting on Google

  •  Step 1: When you are going to record a meeting on Google Meet, go to “free online screen recorder” in your browser and click Launch free recorder to download down to the launcher.
  • Step 2: Set the desired zone in the Recording Area and adjust the volume of the Speaker. The Camera and Checkered Microphone options are used to capture your face and voice. You can decide to turn them on or off.
  • Step 3: Type REGISTER after the meeting starts. Finally, click Stop and download the recording or share it directly on social networks.


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Part 3: Google Meeting Recording

FAQ: Why can’t I record my Google meeting?


Only the organizer or accounts within the same organization can record a Google meeting.

If you are only a participant, you cannot record.

Furthermore, Recording is only available for G Suite accounts.

If you’re using a regular account, you can’t record meetings in Google Meet.


How do I start a meeting on Google?

If you want to start a new meeting, click New Meeting.

You can then invite the participants using the meeting link.

To join a meeting on Google, enter the code in the Enter meeting code field and click Join.


How to record a meeting on Google on iPhone?

The simplest way to record a Google meeting on iPhone is the screen recording feature built into iOS.

As of iOS 11, you can get the screen recording option in Control Center if you have it enabled in the Settings app.

It can record video along with audio. Conclusion This guide shared three ways to record a Google meeting on Windows and Mac. Built-in recording is the easiest option for saving important Google meetings if you’re the organizer or use a G Suit account.

In addition, Vidmore Screen Recorder is the best way to record meetings both organizers and attendees.

More importantly, it is quite easy to use and beginners can learn in seconds.