How to record the screen of Windows computers and laptops quickly

How to record the screen of Windows computers and laptops quickly

How to record the screen of Windows computers and laptops quickly

This tool is called Steps Recorder or Problem Steps Recorder (PSR).

When there is any problem or error on the computer, the user can record the screen via Steps Recorder with just a few simple steps. The video will be saved but not in the usual MP4 format but in the .mht file.

You can also apply it to a variety of laptop products on the market such as Asus X509FA laptop, Fujitsu core i7, Dell Vostro 5402, Dell Inspiron 5502, Lenovo s145, Dell G7…

Steps to record computer screen videos such as:

Step 1: Open Steps Recorder

– Method 1: You press the Win R key combination, the Run window appears, enter “psr” into Run and click OK to open the Steps Recorder.

 – Method 2: Open the Start menu and then enter the search box “Problem Steps Recorder” and then click on the software to open it.


Step 2: In Steps Recorder, select the arrow next to the Help button and then access the Settings section.


Step 3: You can change the settings for the screen recording session with the following items: – Output location: Select the default save location – Enable screen capture: Select No if you want to disable the computer screen capture function. – Number of recent screen captures to store – Default is 25 screens, so if you need to record more than that, increase this number.


Step 4: When the setup is complete, just click the Start Record button or press Alt A to start recording.


Step 5: When performing all the operations on the screen, press the Pause Record button to pause recording (Alt U) and Resume Record to resume recording (Alt S).


Step 6: To stop recording, click Stop Record or Alt O key combination. Then you just need to name and save the file. Note: When recording screen video with Steps Recorder, you can review it in word or slide show. Your video will be presented as images.

How to record Windows 10 computer screen

Step 1: Open the window where you want to record the screen, then press the Windows G key combination, then press the colon in the Capture window to proceed to record the computer screen.


Step 2: After the recording is done, press Stop to end the recording.


How to record screen video with Xbox


This function is quite well hidden, so few people know that Windows 10 also has a built-in to record the screen.

To enable this function, follow these steps:

  1. Open the pre-installed Xbox app (type ‘Xbox’ in the search bar
  2. Set up basic information the first time you use it
  3. Press the Windows G key combination to activate the “Game Bar”.
  4. When the toolbar appears, click the red Record button or press the Alt Windows R key combination to start the application screen recording process. You can choose whether or not to record through the microphone when recording by tapping or deselecting Record mic.
  5. Use the same Alt Windows R key combination or click the Record button when you want to stop recording. The recorded content will be saved in the Captures folder in MP4 format. You follow the path: This PC > Local Disk (C:) > User > PC Name > Videos > Captures. If you want more advanced options such as changing the default maximum time, recording audio quality while recording the screen… you can customize it in the Xbox application that is installed by default in Windows 10 of the device. count.


How to record a video of your computer screen with Powerpoint


Record a video of  Powerpoint screen, this is a completely simple way to record your screen, you will not need to install any additional software.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to Insert > Screen Recording to open the screen recording feature.

Step 2: In the toolbar that appears, click Select Area or use the keyboard shortcut Windows Shift A.

Step 3: Using the crosshairs tool that appears, click and drag to select the part of the screen you want to record. Turn off the on-screen mouse pointer by clicking the dock button.

Step 4: Start recording by pressing the Windows Shift R keyboard shortcut or the Record button.

Step 5: At the end of the recording process, press the Stop button or the Windows Shift Q key combination. Then right-click the video and select Save Media As.

Step 6: Name the file and save it, and then click Save.


How to record a video of your Macbook computer screen


Record your computer screen with a keyboard shortcut (macOS Mojave or later) If you are using macOS Mojave, just press the shortcut Shift ⌘ (Command) 5, video recording mode and take a screenshot screen will appear. From here, you can record the entire screen, a part, or a specific window, and then crop, save, or share the result.


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