How to run Facebook Ads

How to run Facebook Ads

How to run Facebook Ads

  • Step 1: Create an ad campaign

The simplest way to run ads on Facebook for an article is to click the green button Promote Posts below the post or Promote Events for Facebook event ads.

Alternatively, you can visit to create an ad for an existing post or create a brand new post. Here you click on the Create ad button on the menu bar to create an ad on facebook.

You will then be navigated to Ads Manager. Here you can manage your facebook ads

Depending on your purpose of running fb ads, increasing brand awareness, boosting post engagement or increasing conversion rates… you’ll choose one of the corresponding goals in your Marketing Goals section. After clicking on the target, you scroll down to the bottom of the screen, enter the name of the Facebook ad campaign and click the Set up ad account button to create your facebook ad account. You can also set a spending limit for this ad campaign by clicking Set limit at the bottom of the page.

  • Step 2: How to create an account to run facebook ads

If this is your first time running Facebook ads, you need to set up an ad account with information such as Country, Currency, Time Zone. Alternatively, you can change the ad account name by clicking Show advanced settings. After completing the ad account setup, click the Continue button.

  • Step 3: Target the target audience of the ad

Here, you will name the ad group and customize the information to match the target audience you want to target in the Facebook ad campaign.

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How to run Facebook ads effectively or not depends greatly on this targeting step. Based on your plan and field, please target specific information such as Location, Age, Gender, Language, relationship, education, interests, behavior, … How to determine The more specific the audience, the higher your ad costs and the resulting conversion rate will be. Corresponding to each information you choose, Facebook will give the expected results about the number of potential customers through the chart on the right hand side of the page.

  • Step 4: Select ad placement

Next, you choose a location to place ads on Facebook.

Here you have 2 options  Auto Placement and  Edit Placement.

If you choose Automatic Placements, your ad will be shown by Facebook in the positions it deems most relevant and optimal, possibly including on Instagram and Audience Network. You can also customize the placement you want by clicking Edit Placement. Here you can choose Device Type (All Devices, Mobile Only or Desktop Only), Platform (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network or Messenger). There are many types of ads on each platform, and Facebook has a placement demo of each right on the right so you can easily visualize where and how your ad will appear. You check the box to the right of the places where you want to display ads or uncheck if you don’t see the need to advertise there.

  • Step 5: Set up your ad budget

Next you’ll set up your ad budget and schedule the run time. In the Budget section, you can choose between a Daily Budget or a Lifetime Budget. If you choose Daily Budget, every day Facebook will deliver ads according to the spend you set, but not every 100k set, Facebook will deliver all 100k, but maybe today spend 120, tomorrow it’s 80k … Facebook will balance so that during the time of running the ad, the average daily budget will be 100k. Lifetime budgets are the same, only instead of setting a daily cost, you set a package budget for the entire ad campaign.

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Next you set up the schedule to run ads on facebook. If you set your ad budget by day, you have 2 options: Run the ad set continuously starting today and Set start and end dates. If you set a package budget, you’ll have to set a start and end date for the campaign. After you have targeted your audience, selected placements and set a budget for Facebook ads, click the Continue button.

  • Step 6: Preview the interface that appears on Facebook when advertising

Here, you will select the fanpage and article you want to advertise, preview how the ad will appear to users on mobile devices, on mobile devices. regular phone, on computer…

To select the page to advertise, click on the drop-down menu Facebook Page will display a list of fanpages you are administrating. Click select post or enter post ID to select post to promote. If you want to create a new ad post, click on Create New Ad on the top menu, where you can upload a photo, video or slideshow and write ad copy and add a CTA button to the post.. After completing all the steps, you click the Review button to review the overview of the advertising campaign or change some content. When you are sure with all the above steps, click the Confirm button. How to pay for Facebook ads? For those of you who have not created an ad account on Facebook, an additional information form will be displayed to add a facebook ad account. Fill in the payment information completely and correctly and press the Continue button to complete.

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Your remaining work is just waiting for Facebook to confirm. This process takes place within 24 hours, the ad will default to run as soon as Facebook announces successful confirmation. During the process of running ads on facebook, if you feel that the ad campaign is not as effective as you want, you can delete that facebook ad or turn them off.