How to take screenshots on laptop windows 10  with software 


How to take screenshots on laptop windows 10  with software 


The following are free and popular windows 10 laptop screen capture software today. Please refers to:

  1. Take screenshots on laptop windows 10 with Lightshot 

How to take screenshots on laptop windows 10  with software 

– Lightshot computer screen capture software supports adding photo editing options, uploading photos to services to share images with others via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest …

– Lightshot helps you to quickly capture screenshots and edit images directly in the software. Lightshot also supports the feature of taking photos according to the area you choose, and if you want, you can change the shooting location to another convenient location.


How to take a screenshot of a laptop on Windows 10 with Lightshot: 

Step 1: Go to the “Start menu”, type lightshot, and then select the tool in the search results to open Lightshot (feather icon).


Step 2: Click the Lightshot icon or shortcut to use. Click on the icon, the program will dim the screen. Use the mouse to scan the area you want to capture. The photo editing tools will appear on the right with the save, upload, copy and paste features.


Step 3: Use the “Save” button below the toolbar to save the image to your computer, name it, choose a save location, choose an image format, and then press “Enter” to complete the operation.


2.Take a screenshot of Windows 10 laptop with Snagit

– Snagit is a computer screen capture application of software company TechSmith. Users can add notes on screenshots, use arrow icons or other icons to highlight the content you want people to pay attention to.

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– This is a desktop screen capture software built around common image processing needs and you can also use this software to record video of your computer screen. How to take a screenshot of Windows 10 laptop with Snagit


Step 1: Start “Snagit” by ticking the Snagit icon at the top of the screen. Next, click on the icon as shown in the illustration. Then, the photo capture feature will appear. You take a picture by dragging the mouse to position the image size. After dragging, release the mouse button.


Step 2: After the capture is complete, the software will automatically switch you to the “Snagit Editor” folder to edit and set the parameters of the captured image.


3.Take a screenshot of Windows 10 laptop with  FastStone Capture 


– FastStone Capture is a powerful application with many remarkable features but is very light. Intuitive interface, clearly displayed function keys on FastStone Capture are the strong points of the program.


How to capture Windows 10 laptop screen with FastStone Capture


Step 1: Download and install “FastStone Capture” If you do not have it, download FastStone to use. You click on the movie icon (Screen Recorder)


Step 2: Then the “Screen Recorder” dialog box will appear with options for you

+ Window / Object: Record a window or an object that you choose

+ Rectangular Area : Record an area with the size you choose

+ Full Screen Without Taskbar: Record full screen without the Taskbar

+ Full Screen: Record all the screen (In this mode you will display everything on the screen)

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+ Record: Start Go back to the Options screen: Settings options

+ Exit: exit the screen recording mode


Step 3: In the Options section, there are quite a few choices for you. You can customize the frame rate, the quality of the image, or change the shortcut key “Ctrl F11” in “Hotkey”


Step 4: To start recording, click “Record”, to continue the work select “Start”


Step 5: After you have selected “Start” then “FastStone Capture” will automatically return to the screen for you. If you want to finish press “Resume”. To save select “Save”, and select “Discard” to exit the process and not save.

In FastStone’s editor, you can resize images, crop images, insert watermarks, add arrows, captions, special effects, and more.

In addition to how to capture Windows 10 laptop screen with the above 3 laptop screen capture software, you can refer to other applications such as: Lightscreen, Picpick, Ashampoo Snap, Screenpresso, ScreenHunter Pro, HyperSnap, CyberLink YouCam, Camtasia , Jing, Skitch, Greenshot, TinyTake,…


4.Take a screenshot of Windows 10 laptop with Gamer Bar


To be able to use the “Game bar”, you do the following:


Step 1: Press the “Windows key” G” to launch the Game bar.


Step 2: Click the screenshot button in the Game bar or use the default keyboard shortcut “Windows Alt PrtScn” to take a full screen screenshot.


Step 3: To set your own Game bar screenshot keyboard shortcut, do the following: go to “Settings” > “Gaming” > “Game bar”. After a period of backup, enable the Game bar from this settings page by making sure you have enabled “Record game clips”, “screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar”.

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With the information on how to take screenshots on Windows 10 laptops on the wire, wish you a suitable choice and successful implementation.