How to transfer data when changing iPhone simply

 How to transfer data when changing iPhone simply

 How to transfer data when changing iPhone simply

Transfer data from old iPhone to new device with QR

1.Transfer data for iOS 11

By transferring data by QR law there will be two cases, for bias running iOS 11 and over. You do to install the language and region for the new device, also put 2 old and new iphones next to each other. Apple has installed a recognition program so that iPhones can fete each other when placed next to each other.

After turning on the new device, it’ll display a blue pall, this is the garbling Apple uses for QR canons. The coming step, you turn on the old machine and open the camera to overlook the” blue pall” on the new machine and continue with the way shown on the screen Enter the word,. after completing the way, you have done the operation and  complete the data transfer.


2.Transfer data for iOS 14 and over

With the coming case in iOS 14 and over, the operation is still the same, but there will be some notes for the new iOS generation that you need to pay attention to as below.

Below Applies to iOS 14 and over

The operating system of the old device must be lower than the iOS of the new device. else, it’ll not work due to incompatibility.

plant reset new iPhone during data transfer The data on your iPhone device will be lost after performing the reset. When restoring your iPhone, you must set it upagain.However, you must continue to perform network opening operations, If your device is a network locked interpretation.

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After you have checked that the operating system’s conditions have been met, follow these way:


  • Step 1: Plant reset your new iPhone
  • Step 2: Place near 2 iPhones together

= > At this time, the old iPhone will display the” Set up new iPhone” dialog box

= > elect Continue.

  • Step 3: Use the old iPhone to overlook the QR law for the new iPhone.
  • Step 4: Enter the old iPhone word into the new iPhone.
  • Step 5: Select Transfer from iPhone

= > stay for the device to transfer data.


3.Transfer data from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes

In this alternate system, you’ll need a laptop and have iTunespre-installed.

Note, the operating system of the phone must be compatible with the iTunes software, or you’ll modernize to the operating system to make the two compatible.

Follow these 3 simple way:


  • Step 1: Connect your old iPhone to your computer with iTunespre-installed

= > Select update iOS and iTunes to make them compatible. You don’t need to watch about what’s displayed next, just press the coming button until the new interpretation is installed.

  • Step 2: Choose a position to store data This computer

= > Back Up Now and stay for the data transfer to complete.

  • Step 3: Disconnect between the old iPhone and the computer, continue to connect to the new iPhone and also click the Restore Provisory button

= > find the dupe just made and run. Eventually, stay until it’s done.


4.Transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with Easeus MobiMover

System 5 is to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with another software, named Easeus MobiMover.

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The way will be below:


  • Step 1: Before pacing to transfer data from the old iPhone to the recently bought iPhone, everyone needs to download and install the Easeus MobiMover operation on the computer.
  • Step 2: Link both Your two iPhones to the computer via a Lightning string

= > Click on the box Trust this computer

= > Click the Allow button to grant authorization for the app to pierce the information contained in your device.

  • Step 3: Run the EaseUS MobiMover operation

= > At the mileage bar on the left side of the screen, click Phone to Phone mode

= > Click on options similar as transferring data from iPhone A to iPhone B or vice versa on demand

= > Click the blue Coming button below.

  • Step 4: The stoner can also choose the types of data to transfer.

The types of lines that people can transfer to the new iPhone are prints, vids, print galleries, etc. Sound recordings, audio lines, AudioBooks, etc. pictures, music, HD vids, etc. Setup lines, software., connections, data lines, notes and dispatches.

In case you need to transfer all data, click on all the data types that appear on the screen = > Click Transfer to transfer them to the new iPhone.


5.Transfer some data by Airdrop, Message, Mail

The last and relatively common way is to transfer data by AirDrop( also known as Bluetooth). This system should be used when you’re transferring data that isn’t too large. Specifically, then’s participating particular connections through supporting tools similar as AirDrop( iPhone’s Bluetooth), dispatches, Correspondence or other third- party services.

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At the Phone operation on the main screen or in the Connections section of the old iPhone, you find the contact that we need to move

= > In the contact information section, scroll down and also click the Share button contact = > Click on the sharing medium you want to use to transfer data

= > shoot contact information to the recently bought iPhone

= > Eventually, click Accept and save the transferred contact number as fulfilled.

The composition introduced you, top 6 ways to transfer data as over, you can fluently choose for yourself a simple way to transfer old iPhone data to new iPhone without wasting time. It also helps you save important lines when you change your phone fluently.


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