How to unlock an Apple ID that’s locked or disabled  in just a few minutes

How to unlock an Apple ID that’s locked or disabled  in just a few minutes

How to unlock an Apple ID that’s locked or disabled  in just a few minutes

1. The main reason why Apple ID is locked

In the hope of preventing unauthorized intrusions and as a security precaution, Apple will disable Apple ID account lock when it detects unusual behavior with the account. your account. This occurs when your account detects that someone is trying to gain unauthorized access to your account or by entering the wrong password too many times. Having your Apple ID account disabled means that you cannot continue to use it to sign in and use any Apple services from iCloud, the App Store, Apple Music, or others.

Disabled Apple ID account is not a strange problem for iPhone followers.

When you receive either of the following messages, you will no longer be able to use your Apple ID account:

  • Your Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons.
  • You can’t sign in because your account was disabled for security reasons.

Many cases of entering the wrong password too many times because the user really doesn’t remember, or because someone intentionally broke into the account but entered the wrong password too many times. For safety and security reasons, Apple is required to lock your account to keep your account safe from outside intrusion. There are also cases where Apple suspects that the user is intentionally not complying with the terms that Apple has set forth, your account will also be likely to be locked. In addition to the above cases, when Apple ID is signed in to too many devices beyond the maximum login limit Apple gives of 10 different devices, your Apple ID account will also be locked.

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2. How to fix when Apple ID account is locked

When Apple ID is disabled, don’t panic because each case will have different handling.

You can refer to the following 3 most common and common ways:


2.1. Recover a disabled Apple ID account with a trusted phone number

  • Step 1: Click Unlock Account.
  • Step 2: Enter a trusted phone number and click Next located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Step 3: Enter the verification code sent to the trusted phone number.
  • Step 4: Next, to unlock your account, you need to enter your Apple ID password. If you don’t remember, click Forgot Password.
  • Step 5: Enter the passcode and generate a new password.

Once done, you should be able to sign in again with your new Apple ID and password.


2.2. Unlock Apple ID account with email or security question

If your Apple ID account uses a security question or recovery email, you can do the following to unlock your Apple ID account.

First, you need to access website window, now you need a username Apple ID, usually the email address you use to create an account.

If you forget your Apple ID username, don’t worry, you can find it in your Apple device in the following way:

  • On iPhone, iPad or iPod touch: Settings > Apple ID
  • On Mac: Apple menu > System Preferences > Apple ID.

Or you can open apps like Apple Store, iTunes, or Apple Music to find your Apple ID username.

Back to how to unlock your Apple ID account by email or security question, follow these steps:


  • Step 1: Visit website of window
  • Step 2: Enter Apple ID and press Continue.
  • Step 3: Choose one of two ways to reset your password: use your recovery email address or answer security questions. Click on the desired option and select Continue.
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– If you choose Get an email, log in the email address registered with your Apple ID account and click Reset Password or Unlock Apple ID > Unlock and Change Password.

Next, enter the new password for the Apple ID account, click Reset Password to reset the password and unlock the disabled Apple ID account.

– If you choose Answer Security Question, you will answer 3 security questions, click Continue and perform the same Apple ID unlocking operation as above.

If you’ve already set up two-factor authentication for your account, you’ll still need to enter your Apple ID in the window website and will receive a request to confirm a trusted phone number. What you need to do next is enter the phone number and click on the notification sent by Apple, press Allow to reset the password.


2.3. Unlock your Apple ID account with Account Recovery


  • Step 1: Request Apple ID account recovery request.

– Access the website of window Enter your Apple ID and click Continue.

– Enter a phone number and enter the verification code sent to that phone number.

– Click on Forgot Password.

– Click Continue to begin the account recovery process.

This account recovery process may take a few days. Meanwhile, you can try to check the status of your request at website of window the next day.

  • Step 2: Restore Account Access Once confirmed, your Apple ID account is ready to be restored.

At this point, you will receive a notification from your phone number or email address with specific instructions to regain access.

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– Go to website of window and enter your Apple ID.

– Confirm the phone number provided earlier to recover the account.

Once the confirmation is complete, Apple will send you an Account Recovery code via text or call. Enter the account recovery code and press Continue. After entering that code exactly, you’ll choose a new password, verify a trusted phone number, and log in as usual.


With Apple ID accounts disabled, password reset will be the best way to unlock your account.

The above shares have partly helped you to know how to handle when encountering a disabled Apple ID account, hopefully the article has partly helped you prevent your Apple ID account from being locked during use iPhone.