How to use Canva on your phone

How to use Canva on your phone

How to use Canva on your phone

Canva is known as an easy-to-use free online graphic design tool on phones and computers with rich resources for both professionals and beginners. If you are a design enthusiast, you cannot ignore this great tool. The following article we will better explain to you the concept of Canva as well as instructions on how to use Canva.


1. What is Canva?

Canva is one of the popular easy-to-use visual design websites for everyone. Even people who don’t know anything about design or those who have no photoshop skills can create their own works.

Canva was founded in 2012. So far, it is extremely powerful application. Canva can help design logos, CVs, Infographics, posters, banners, invitations,…

To design images, you just need to do drag and drop and edit text. What is Canva when it can be used for both the web along with graphical media.

Currently, Canva is publicly available for free online on the Internet with extremely rich resources and interfaces, different styles and personalities. In addition, some special functions will require a cheap Canva pro account.


How to use Canva on phone:

 – Step 1: Create an account on Canva It is quite easy to set up an account with only 2 steps of entering email and password It is simpler than connecting directly with a Facebook or Google account

– Step 2: Start designing the logo

After you have successfully logged in, your interface will look below.

There are two ways for you to start designing: Create a design with a SIZE of your choice Choose Canva’s available sizes You will fill in the relevant information, then select DESIGN to start Fill in the width and length. 2 boxes width and height Select the units of measurement depending on your use, there are 3 types: px, mm, and in. You should choose print if you don’t want your logo to be broken when enlarged

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 – Step 3: Choose and edit fonts

You can choose many different fonts when selecting TEXT in the left column There are many font combinations designed available for you to choose from. If you don’t want to use these font combinations, you can choose Add heading, add subheading, add a little bit of body text to create your own design Change the font style Change the font size. If you choose a font combination, you can’t change the size much. Choose a color for the text. Choose bold, italic, CAPITAL for the text. Undo the unsatisfied step If you want to delete the selected font, please select the text and… press the WASTE CONTRAC icon or right-click, select DELETE

– Step 4: Decorate the logo

After you have chosen the font you like, you can completely move to the step of choosing the accompanying image.

By selecting ELEMENT in the left column, you have 10 different options:

Holidays : Pictures of decorations for the Christmas holiday

Grids: Layout sections

Frames: Frames.

When you select one of the frames, you have the right to insert your favorite image by uploading an image

Shapes: Shapes like round, square, star

Lines: Line styles

Illustrations: Image editable with Illustrator. Not broken if you zoom in

Icons: Drawings

Photos: Snapshot

Charts: Charts

 – Step 5: Save the image After you have completed the design (1) you can: Share (share) on Facebook, Twitter or send to your email Directly Download to your device


Instructions for using Canva on your phone

 – Step 1: First, you download the Canva application to your phone. Then select “Open” to use the application. You log in with your Google account

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 – Step 2: The main screen of the application will show available designs, you choose the design according to your needs

– Step 3: This is Canva’s design interface on the phone, click on the plus icon as shown below to choose to use design tools such as Components, Content, Text, …

– Step 4: To save the image to your phone, click on the image export icon as shown below, then select “Save as…”

– Step 5: Next, select the file type and press “Download” The designed image has been successfully downloaded to the phone

 – Step 6: To share the image on social networks, select the image export icon as shown below and select the social network you want to share

– Step 7: Next, click on the clone icon as shown below to customize the image such as cloning, adding pages, deleting pages, etc.


In Conclusion:

Canva is a professional online image design software for both professionals and professionals. professional and amateur. With a diversified design repository, design support anytime, anywhere, on any platform, this is the ultimate design “secret”.

The article has clarified what Canva is and its outstanding features, please experience Canva to see the benefits when using it.