How to use Capcut to edit videos in detail

How to use Capcut to edit videos in detail


How to use Capcut to edit videos in detail

Capcut is a free video editing application that is loved by many people, especially those who “crush” TikTok because of its convenience, and practical application. Using the Capcut application is also quite simple and convenient, compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. Although there is currently no application version on the computer, you can use the emulator to perform the same editing and effects as on the phone.


How to use Capcut on your phone after downloading: 

After downloading, open the app and press “Accept” when Capcut asks for access to your photo library. After that, you can use the application immediately, if you want to keep your finished edits, you need to create an account. The application allows login in 2 ways: Via facebook or TikTok which is very convenient, and integrates the function of posting directly to these platforms.


How to use the Capcut application 

Once you have entered the Capcut application, click “New Project” (or New Project) to start creating your own video.

Next, you select the video you want to edit (1), press the Add button (2) in the lower right corner of the screen, and start “transforming” those videos.

On Capcut’s interface, there are many features, allowing you to freely create products according to your liking.

You can also use the templates available on Capcut, but keep in mind that most of them have their own logo, which to remove, you will have to download another application.


Here are instructions on how to use Capcut for each feature:

How to use the Capcut application:

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Editing function

This is a function for general editing of videos, in this section you can cut, split, merge, paste, speed up or slow down, etc. To trim a part of a clip, simply drag the long white vertical line (1) to the beginning of the clip you want to cut, and drag another white vertical line that is thicker and shorter (2) to the point where you want to cut it. end.

Now that you click accept, the part of the clip that used to be between the thick white line and the playhead will be completely removed from the video. And if you don’t want to delete but just split to add another video, you can also use the “split” function which is quite similar, just without the thick white vertical line.


How to use Capcut to add multiple clips to a project

To add more clips to your project, use the “join” tool, represented by a plus sign on the right side of the screen. . Then the screen will appear as the initial clip selection process, you do the same with another clip, select its thumbnail and click “Add” in the lower right corner.

You should now see a new clip located to the right of the timeline, which can be moved by pressing, holding, and dragging to the position you want. If you want to adjust the speed of the clip, select “Speed”, with the slowest 0.1x and the fastest 100x.


How to use Capcut: 

Adjust the Sound

Adjusting the Audio is divided into 2 main types, the first is to increase or decrease the volume (“Volume”) of the video itself to make it easier to add other effects. The second is to insert other sounds into the original video, you can choose between the file available in the device or the music provided by Capcut.

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After selecting “Audio” and then Audio (1), you can search by the name of the song or artist you like, or select Folder and press ” “.

Capcut also has lively sound effects (2) such as clapping, laughter, fighting … extremely diverse, satisfying all the purposes you want. Similarly, you can also add extracted audio (3) or audio file (4) to your video.


How to use CapCut application: 

Add text

This is a feature that helps you add text or subtitles to your video, you can choose between different font styles, effects and appearance times. “Add text” (1) is the first and most basic option, “Add text templates” (2) right next to Capcut’s available templates, you just need to change the content. This application also provides the function of adding audio labels (4) or automatic subtitles (3), but Vietnamese is often more difficult to capture, especially if your video is noisy or has a lot of noise.


How to use Capcut: 

Adding Sticker Stickers is one of the favorite points of many people when creating videos, bringing fun, funny, lively and eye-catching. Capcut has a very large and diverse application store, including many different categories such as emoji, birthday animations, letters, … How to use Capcut to add stickers to Videos: You just need to click on the image you want ( 1), zoom in or out, choose the appropriate location and time interval to appear. You can add cute and vivid Capcut stickers right from the Main Menu, or in the “Text” section. Included tools include Copy, Animation, Graph, Mirroring, and more. Then just press the check box (2) on the screen that you have successfully added the Sticker to the Video.

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How to use Capcut to add Effects 

How to use Capcut effects is one of the most concerned issues when editing videos, creating unique and vivid products depending on each person’s creativity. There are main effects categories for video(1) and for body (2), each with a wide variety of theme items ranging from classic, love, 3D, party, comic or Christmas. The body type is quite popular with “TikToker”, which can create attractive light effects around people.

You just need to choose a satisfactory one (1), then customize the length, appearance time, brightness, shading, … and press the check button (2) to successfully add the Effect to the Video.



Through the above article, you can also see that using Capcut is quite simple, from downloading or manipulating functions. The layout of the application is also designed to be simple and clear, convenient for the use of even non-specialists. Therefore, it is not surprising that Capcut has become an indispensable part of the phones of content creators and influential figures on social networking platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, etc.