Outstanding features that Telegram brings to users

Outstanding features that Telegram brings to users

Outstanding features that Telegram brings to users

1. What is Telegram?


Telegram is a completely free cross-platform messaging, video calling or file sharing application for users.

Telegram owns many servers on global locations to provide stable and fast operation. The location where they put the main data center is Dubai.

2. Let’s explore more cool features that this application possesses right here

2.1.Customize the theme, interface to your liking

This is also a very interesting thing in addition to wondering what application Telegram is.

In this world, you will be allowed to freely adjust the theme as you like with the most unique creative thinking.

All of these are free of charge.

Moreover, users can also design their own special theme with favorite color tones.

Here are the steps for us to customize the interface:

Go to Settings > Click on Chat Settings for Android phones.

If you are using an iPhone, go to Settings > Click Appearance to start creating your personal interface.

In addition, you can also change the background image in the chat page by clicking the Chat Background item.

Moreover, Telegram is an open application, so you can freely choose from a variety of themes from various and genuine sources to make the “chat” more interesting.


2.2. Diverse Meme, Sticker Store

I am a person who has had the opportunity to experience many free messaging and calling applications such as: Zalo, Facebook, Line, Skype, etc. Among the quizzes, I like Telegram the most due to this app. owns a massive meme and sticker store. This treasure is being added by the user community more and more, so of course it is extremely close and funny.

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My conversations and gossip with my brothers in the office are even more interesting. They help us to sit closer together because we can express the feelings of the messager in the most honest way. In addition, I also often use these stickers when working to help entertain during stressful working days.


2.3. Telegram Cloud Data Storage

In addition to wondering what telegram is, many people still question whether it can store as many files as other apps. Of course, because Telegram allows you to freely save today’s popular file types through cloud services. Typically, images, videos, messages, documents are completely free. You can freely access and use it whenever you want.


2.4. Auto-Night Mode for night

In addition to the above good features, Telegram also has an interesting feature that is Auto-Night Mode. When activating this function, the interface of the application will automatically change to the most suitable light and dark form.

To do this, go to Settings> Click the Chat Settings button and then activate Auto-Night Mode.


2.5. Application password option

When using secret conversations, Telegram will provide users with end-to-end encryption for their messages. Moreover, you are also allowed to lock this application by many methods such as: PIN, passcode or password.

To enable it, please follow these steps:

First of all, you will access the Settings> Click the Privacy and Security item in the list> Click on the Passcode Lock section located in the Security tab> Set a password password at will.

However, the password two-factor authentication feature has appeared in new Telegram updates recently. This means that if we need to log in to Telegram on a new device, then you must have a 2-step password to access it. If you need to adjust or reset that password in the Privacy and Security list as I mentioned above.

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2.6. “Last seen” feature

As we all know, the most popular messaging software today, WhatsApp, does not allow users to see the “Last seen” section. Therefore, people can only see two options: all people or none at all. The advantage of Telegram is that it gives you more options. You will choose someone who knows when you were last active.

To allow someone to see your activity status and the last time you were online, follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Click Privacy and Security > Click Last seen where Who can see your Last Seen time > Tap and My Contacts. In the Add Exceptions section, you will have 2 options: Always Share With and Never Share With to choose the contact you want.


2.7. Create a chat group with 200,000 members

Unlike other applications, Telegram can support you to create groups with up to 200,000 members in one chat.

This is a number that hardly any other app can do. This is called a Supergroup, not a normal group anymore.

If you need to upgrade from a basic group to a Supergroup, please open the chat > ​​Click Edit located at the top right of the screen. After a message appears, click the Convert to Supergroup button and you’re done.


2.8. Sending large files

Surely all of us need to send a huge file on a messaging app from time to time and get rejected and reply that the file is too heavy. However, for Telegram this does not matter. This application allows users to send files with a maximum size of up to 2GB, making it very easy to share everything you want.

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2.9. Controlling images and videos when downloading to the device

This is an important function. It allows your phone to control and block automatically saved images and videos.

To activate that function, go to Settings> Select Messages> Turn off the activation bar at Save to Gallery to complete.


2.10. Super secure messaging

Of course when we use a messaging application like Telegram, privacy is pushed to the forefront. Of course, this app can completely meet your needs. Everything is strictly secured and hardly any holes can happen. The messages will be end-to-end encrypted so that they are not exposed to the outside. Besides, the application also has 2-factor authentication to be able to log in.