The fastest way to remove violations of Facebook community standards

The fastest way to remove violations of Facebook community standards

The fastest way to remove violations of Facebook community standards

Violation of Facebook community standards is something no user wants to encounter, especially for those who are doing business on this social networking platform.

Because when a sales account is locked due to a violation of community standards, it will cause a lot of restrictions, reducing the ability to market products to customers.

So how to avoid violating Facebook community standards? 

In case of violation, what should be done to unlock the account?

Let’s go with us to find the answers to the above questions through this article!

1. Why does the account violate the Facebook community standards?

First, you need to understand the reasons why your sales account is said to violate Facebook community standards.

Here are some of the most common reasons: 

  • Your account posts or shares articles that are inappropriate, offensive, illegal, politically slamming, or controversial. taboos such as selling weapons, stimulants, banned substances, etc.
  • Your account has unusual activities, causing Facebook to suspect that you are using a fake account or impersonating someone else.
  • You share content that is plagiarized, infringing copyright, or intellectual property rights.
  • You constantly leave comments with inappropriate, harassing, offensive, offensive or annoying content to other users.

2. Limitations when violating Facebook community standards

It can be said that a sales account on Facebook is not only an effective product marketing place but also a convenient means of connection between sellers and buyers. Therefore, it will be a great disadvantage for sellers if your account is violated by Facebook community standards.

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Some limitations that you may encounter are: 

  • Accounts are temporarily locked for 3-7 days or as long as 30 days.
  • Your account may be permanently locked for 30 days if you do not file an appeal or Facebook does not accept your appeal.
  • Customers will not be able to find or access your sales account.
  • You will lose your message history and friends list.
  • Posts, images, videos cannot be updated for 30 days.
  • Can’t comment for 30 days.


3. How to remove violations of Facebook community standards

Although there are many limitations, sellers do not worry too much if they accidentally violate Facebook community standards!

Because Sapo will show you two extremely effective ways to get your account back quickly.

We invite you to consult!


3.1. Appeal

An appeal is the most common and used way when an account is locked for violating community standards. To submit an appeal to Facebook, follow the steps below:


  • Step 1: Visit Facebook’s user support page via the following link
  • Step 2: Here, enter the content you want the Facebook team to support in the box. Specifically, in this case, the problem you’re having is that your account is locked for violating community standards. Then, press the Submit button to complete the appeal operation.

Your appeal request will be processed as quickly as possible within 24 hours. However, sometimes it will take longer than expected.


3.2. Submit a review request form Alternatively, you can also submit a Facebook review request form through the following steps: 


  • Step 1: You visit Facebook’s user support page via the following link
  • Step 2: Here, Facebook will ask you to fill in all the information, along with a photo of your identity document. After completing the procedures, click Submit and wait for Facebook’s support team to process your request.
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4. What should be done to avoid violating Facebook community standards?

Surely, when reading this far, sellers have understood the limitation of violating Facebook community standards and how it affects online business and sales.

So, the best way to optimize sales on Facebook is to pay attention to the following to avoid violations.


4.1. Understand Facebook’s community policies

First, you need to be clear about the community policies that Facebook has put in place so that you don’t make those mistakes. The regulations that are easy to violate that you need to pay special attention to can include: Prohibition of violent, criminal content, prohibition of violating the privacy of individuals, affecting the honor of others, ban spam, false declarations, fake information,… You can read more details at Facebook’s business support center.


4.2. Limit the use of tricks

Currently, there are many sellers who have resorted to the help of many tools to make business on Facebook easier. Although Facebook does not directly introduce regulations prohibiting the use of tricks in the sales process, you should still limit it. Because just abuse, Facebook will also assess that your account is acting abnormally and in the worst case, your account will be locked immediately. Above are some knowledge about Facebook community standards that we want to share with sellers.


Through this article, hopefully you have understood what content should and should not be posted to  avoid violating Facebook community standards, affecting business.