What is AirTag? What do you know about Apple’s new navigation device?

What is AirTag? What do you know about Apple’s new navigation device?

What is AirTag? What do you know about Apple’s new navigation device?

Launched more than a year ago, Apple AirTag’s smart navigation device is loved by many people. Its convenience and compactness are quite popular with users.

Did you know about this smart AirTag?

Let’s learn about AirTag devices, how to use them effectively and avoid unnecessary risks when using them!


1. What is Apple AirTag?

Apple AirTag is a device that uses BlueTooth connectivity for users to easily find lost devices through the Find My app on iPhone (using iOS 14.5 or later) or iPad (using iPadOS 14.5 or later). Therefore, iPhone models that can run iOS 14 or iPadOS 144 can use AirTag! If you use iPhone 11 or later (using the Ultra-wideband Chip), you can accurately locate the distance and direction of the device with an error of only a few centimeters. This device officially launched on April 30, 2021.

The Airtag is a small, button-shaped tracker with a glossy white front and polished stainless steel back plate with the Apple logo on one side. 1 AirTag is quite compact in size, only slightly larger than the bottle cap, has a diameter of about 3.2cm, is about 0.8cm thin and is extremely light at only about 11g.

The letters on the device are small, precise, sophisticated, and have quite good IP67 water and dust resistance. Each AirTag has a built-in speaker, accelerometer, a replaceable CR2032 battery and can be used continuously for 1 year thanks to energy-saving Bluetooth LE technology. You can easily attach AirTag to wallets, key chains, small mobile devices such as a hanger, lovely accessories…

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In addition, customers can personalize their AirTag by engraving. free names, including text and a choice of 31 emoji, with purchases from apple.com or the Apple Store app. However, you can only engrave up to 4 letters or emoji characters. Emojis are also limited in size and have restrictions on phrases or symbols due to Apple’s content filtering (Example: no curse words or unsightly symbols, etc.)


2. Working principle of Apple AirTag Smart locator

AirTag will use Find My application to locate lost items.

AirTag will work using Ultra-Wideband (UWB) ultra-wideband (UWB) on iPhone 11 and later devices allowing for extremely accurate positioning. Besides working thanks to Bluetooth, AirTag is also equipped with a U1 Chip to help locate with the speaker to emit a chime.

When you lose the device attached to your Airtag, when you go to Find My, you will take the last position when the AirTag and iPhone connect to each other. You just need to mark the device as lost on the Find My app… Then, if Airtag detects any iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook, AirTag will also send information to that device, The Find My search network will update the item’s location and send information to your iCloud. (You can rest assured that no one but you will know this information.)

Thanks to the popularity of Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Macbook, … you can be completely confident thanks to AirTag that you can detect objects no matter how big or small.


3. How to connect AirTag

Pairing using Airtag is quite easy, you just need to put the AirTag near your iPhone, iPad or Macbook device, it will immediately display the connection icon.

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When you connect an AirTag to your iPhone or iPad device, they’ll be in the Items tab of the Find My app on your device. The first time you set up, you will be asked to name the AirTag (You can name the Key, Phone, Wallet,… depending on the item you want to attach the AirTag to). And you can connect up to 16 Airtags to track your items.


4. How to find lost items with AirTag attached?

Like tracking devices, when you attach an Airtag to any device, when it is dropped or lost you can easily find it. Therefore, if you want to find your Airtag, just follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Oound to make it easier to search.

If the location does not appear, you just need to select the device, turn it on: “Lost Mode” => Press “Continue” (Continue) => Enter your phone number => Click Npen the Find My application on your iPhone/iPad => Open the Items item in the application there.

  • Step 2: If the AirTag is located nearby, your iPhone will guide you to the AirTag attached item through the Precision Finding feature. You can leave the sound playing mode by selecting the Airtag attached item and clicking Play Sext and turn on “Notify When Found” (Notify When Found) => Finally click Activate (Activate). The Find My system will connect with the nearest devices to send you information. If someone finds your Airtag, they can use their iPhone or Android to read the information on the Airtag, a link will open giving that person a way to get back to you.
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5. Worried if AirTag becomes your tracker?


You absolutely do not need to worry about this because Airtag has an anti-tracking mechanism. When the Airtag is away from the owner for too long (about 8-24 hours), when it is moved it will emit a cry to attract the attention of people around. So, you absolutely do not need to worry about someone using this application put in your backpack, pocket, … to track you. In addition, if you have an iPhone, when there is an unknown Airtag near you and it is not connected to the owner, iPhone will also notify you: “AirTag detected” to ensure privacy.

Additionally, each Airtag is linked to your Apple ID, so only you can see its location data and location history. This data is not stored on AirTag or iPhone or iPad devices that help relay the data, so you can rest assured that no one else can track it. That’s the security and privacy feature that Apple uses to protect the peace of mind of the owners of its devices.


Hope the above information is useful to you!