What is Youtube Gaming? How to play games to make money from Youtube Gaming

What is Youtube Gaming?

How to play games to make money from Youtube Gaming

What is Youtube Gaming?  How to play games to make money from Youtube Gaming

In this time of rapid development of social networks, Youtube Gaming has emerged as a phenomenon and has become one of the many ways to make money online quickly.

So to make money from Youtube Gaming, what do Youtubers need and what is the most effective way for them to make money from this platform?

Let’s explore with us through the following article.

1. What is Youtube Gaming?

Youtube Gaming is part of the Youtube video social network. On this platform, users can directly watch game-related content, livestreams of streamers as well as gamers. The variety of game genres played by streamers and gamers during the livestream is one of the attractions for users.

On the Youtube Gaming platform, streamers can make money in many different ways, including sales, marketing, membership or donations from fans…

2. How Youtubers Make Money From Youtube Gaming

In fact, 64% of the US population aged 13 and over play video games. And more surprisingly, people not only play games, but they also spend a lot of time watching other people play games. Typically gamers aged 18-25 around the world, on average spend 3 hours 25 minutes per week watching others livestream Youtube, Facebook and watch gaming videos.

Based on that development, Youtube launched Youtube Gaming to meet the needs of users. Thereby, Youtuber can make money on features such as Super Chat, channel membership, advertising, sales, sponsorship and providing services to other streamers.

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And to earn money from your YouTube channel, a prerequisite is that the streamer must become a YouTube partner.


After becoming a Youtube partner, they can earn income in the following ways: 

2.1 Receive donations from viewers 

Youtube Gaming allows viewers to donate to streamers through their Streamlabs account. The channel owner needs to use a Streamlabs account to interact and receive donations from fans during the livestream on the Youtube Gaming platform. When fans send donations, the channel owner will receive that money from Streamlabs.


2.2. Youtube Gaming Ads 

Monetization allows users to promote products in their livestreams without violating community standards. Therefore, streamer can completely make money by receiving advertising from brands. Depending on the channel’s popularity and viewership, the prices offered by brands will vary.

However, Youtube Gaming also has some guidelines in place for advertising money. Youtuber needs to be at least 18 years old, Youtuber’s channel must reach at least 10,000 views and they need to build trust, and channel content must be friendly to receive attention and invitations to cooperate from. brand name.


2.3. Get money from product referral link (affiliate) 

Through Youtube Gaming, streamers can also make money based on product referral links. Here, the streamer will introduce the product on his channel, then put a link for viewers to click on. For each click, the streamer will receive a commission. If the audience is large, they will make a lot of money in their livestream. However, this also needs to be carefully considered because if you receive ads for inappropriate products, streamers can make viewers frustrated and leave. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about the product, time and form before receiving the product introduction.

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2.4. Get money from YouTube Gaming Membership 

YouTube Gaming has long become one of the familiar platforms of streamers and gamers. So for influential users, they will provide channel participants with exclusive perks with cool features. Including additional videos, emoticons on YouTube…

On Youtube Gaming, the channel owner has full discretion to provide privileges to any member. This depends on the membership fee paid at each tier. YouTube streamers will receive 70% of the membership fees for their channels. To receive sponsorship from a channel member, you need to meet the following conditions: Become a YouTube partner. Aged 18 years and older. There are more than 30,000 subscribers.


2.5. Youtube Super Chat Monetization YouTube Gaming Platform 

YouTube Super Chat allows viewers to pay $1-$500 for their comments to stay at the top of the chat channel for a while. With the money spent, their comments will not drift in a chat channel where many viewers are typing at the same time. For this feature, YouTube takes about 30% of the fee, the remaining 70% goes to the streamer’s pocket.

To use Super Chat and Super Sticker features and start earning, you need to meet the following conditions: Be a YouTube partner. Aged 18 years and older. Live in the country where this feature is available.


2.6. Get money from sales 

Youtube Gaming has also launched the Merch Shelf shelf feature to showcase business products. With channels with a large fan base, you can completely think of creating a sales shelf for your business. The shelf won’t appear on all videos from your channel, but it will when viewers visit your channel. Fans are one of the quality sources of customers that streamers can tap into. They already have trust and interest in you, so they are willing to spend money on what you are selling. Just like other monetization features on Youtube Gaming, you need to meet certain requirements to build a shelf underneath your video: Be from a country or region that supports this feature. Be a member of the YouTube partner program. The channel must have at least 10,000 subscribers. The channel does not violate the community rules.

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