What’s new in Windows 11? New features on Windows 11

What’s new in Windows 11?

New features on Windows 11

What’s new in Windows 11? New features on Windows 11

Windows 11 is like a revamped version, changing from the startup sound to new application icons.

The “wake” feature is improved, Windows updates are up to 40% smaller and happen in the background, and browsers will also be faster on this new operating system. Microsoft says Windows 11 will be the most secure version of Windows, much faster than its predecessors. Here is a list of new features of Windows 11.

List of New Features in Windows 11

Start Menu 

Windows 11 comes with a brand new Start Menu and taskbar experience, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Live tiles have been replaced with icons, similar to Android and iOS. You can still move the Start Menu to the left and choose an accent color to customize the look and function of the operating system. Windows Widgets

Microsoft introduced AI-powered widgets that bring the news, weather forecasts, and content you love right to your screen. The widget icon will be in the taskbar, you just need to click to see the information. New Windows Store Microsoft Store has been rebuilt from the ground up to improve speed, bringing a new app store for Windows 11 and Windows 10. Users will easily discover and install their favorite apps, games, and movies likes and more. The streaming tab now integrates more streaming services, allowing you to cast content from your device to your TV.

The list of apps is also expanding, allowing for Win 32 apps, PWA, UWP and more. Developers can also use their own engine and will keep 100% of the revenue (if any). Several desktop apps, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Teams, TikTok, Notepad, and Paint will be available in the Store. Android Apps on Windows The most interesting announcement is that Windows 11 supports Android apps. Using Intel technology, Windows 11 will let you use Android apps on your computer. They are available in the Microsoft Store through the Amazon App Store. Android apps will stay in the taskbar like other apps, and you can easily drag the app window around the screen.

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Windows Clipboard

Microsoft redesigned the Windows Clipboard panel, making it possible to add GIFs and emojis to apps.

Instead of searching for GIFs/emoticons online, you can press Win V to launch the Clipboard manager and select/search for documents via the search bar in the menu, as shown in the image above. . Windows Clipboard also has a new feature called “paste as plain text”.

As you know, Windows 10 currently retains the formatting of the text content when it is copied from a web page or mail. If you paste the content into another application like Word, you will see the formatting is skewed. In Windows 11, users can open the clipboard menu (Win V) and paste the content as plain text, removing all unwanted formatting.

New virtual keyboard

Finally, Microsoft also redesigned the virtual keyboard on Windows. You can now switch between multiple keyboard layouts. When not docking, Windows allows you to switch to a small keyboard layout for more flexible operation. In addition, the virtual keyboard has an area right above it so you can move the keyboard more easily. In addition, Microsoft has refreshed the layout as well as created a new settings menu to improve the clarity of important tools.

Since Windows 8, the virtual keyboard has been an important part of the operating system, but it has never received additional customization options. Therefore, Windows 11 will help users have a better virtual keyboard experience, including support for virtual keyboard wallpapers.

In C:\Windows\Web\touchkeyboard you will find eight new keyboard backgrounds with dark and light modes. Users can find the keyboard color and size in Windows Settings. Improved experience on touch devices Windows 11 can handle both mouse, keyboard and touch well. When using touch mode, the icons on the taskbar automatically expand, creating more space for easier touch. There is a touch keyboard that looks like a keyboard on a mobile phone. You can swipe your finger to enter characters, using the spacebar as a trackpad. You can enter voice input if you are lazy to type.

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This feature has been greatly improved, can automatically break sentences and accept voice commands.

Task View and desktop

With Windows 11, Microsoft redesigned the Task View screen with new permissions for virtual desktops.

By default, the taskbar has a Task View button to help users see all the applications and programs running on the desktop. With Windows 11, users can rename, rearrange and customize the background for each virtual desktop. For example, you can use one virtual desktop for work and another for personal, like streaming. You are allowed to create as many virtual desktops as you want. As mentioned, you can now also change the background of the virtual desktop.

To change the background, open the Settings app -> Personalization -> Background. On the next screen, left click on the background and change the background for the active virtual desktop. You will see the background in the preview thumbnail in Task View.

Improved multitasking 

Microsoft has introduced new Windows 11 multitasking features, including a cleverly designed multitasking layout that lets you quickly switch to the window you need.

Windows 11 will remember where you put your windows so you can quickly find and switch to them. This Task view button is located right next to the widget on the taskbar. If you use a laptop and desktop at the same time, when you switch to a laptop, Windows will remember the position of the windows and immediately return them to the correct position for you.

This feature will also work when you use multiple monitors, and reconnect to a previously used monitor.

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