What’s Twitter social network, what’s it for and how to use it?

What’s Twitter social network, what’s it for and how to use it?

What’s Twitter social network, what’s it for and how to use it?

What’s Twitter, what’s it used for, from which country?

What is good and special about Twitter social network?

How to use it?

Let’s find the answer with this composition.

What’s Twitter, what’s it used for?

Twitter is a social networking point where druggies can upload images, write and read content of limitedlength. However, you’ll know the 160 character limit of SMS dispatches, if you’re a texting person.

Twitter is nearly the same, indeed allowing lower than 140 characters. Because Twitter only allows 140 characters to be used. So Twitter can not be like facebook where you can post a lengthy status post.

Twitter also does not have a print reader or place to upload vids like Facebook does. Update by the time I acclimate this composition in October 2020, this limit has been increased to 280 characters.

Twitter also does not have a so- called make musketeers. Then only Follow only. Follow is follow it. This is the most egregious difference between these two social networks.

Twitter is the social network of which country?

Twitter is an American social networking point.

Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass and launched in July 2006.

Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco and has further than 25 services worldwide. As of May 2015, Twitter has further than 500 million druggies, of which further than 302 million are active.

Twitter is also considered as the SMS of the Internet.

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What’s Twitter social network?

Twitter’s iconic blue raspberry moment presently Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are among the most popular social networks in the world moment. There are also other social networks similar as LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tumblr.

I’ll talk about these social networks latterly.

Each network has its own advantages and disadvantages. Foreign celebrities are more likely to use Twitter thanFacebook. However, the current chairman of the United States, if you notice constantly speaking updates on Twitter than on other social networks.

So using Twitter to follow news updates from celebrities or overseas trends. And It’s faster than Facebook.


How Twitter Works

Twitter is easy to use for everyone, both players and compendiums . You just need to subscribe up for a free account on Twitter. You can also partake news, stories, or product recommendations as you wish. Your followers and others will see the tweets you partake. In addition, to admit information from other druggies on Twitter, you just need to go to that person’s account and click Follow( Follow) to subscribe to their tweets. That keeps you up to date with the stylish, the rearmost news around the world. Again, if you no longer want to read news from someone’s account, click Unfollow them.


What are some words to know when using Twitter Tweet?

Tweet is posting or writing commodity on your particular runner on Twitter called Tweet. This tweet is also original to the status on facebook.


What are retweets?

Retweet is like share( share) of facebook.

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What does it mean to retweet someone’s Tweet( twitter post)?

Follow is to follow.

Because Twitter doesn’t have a friend connection like Facebook, Follow is a shadowingfunction. However, it’s like they have formerly made musketeers, if the other person follows.

On Twitter you can Follow anyone like US President Obama for illustration. Following this Follow will help you follow the news posted on that person’s Twitter runner as fluently as the facebook fanpage like case.


What are Followers?

Follower is the number of people who follow you on Twitter. This can be your friend, it can also be a foreigner, follow the Follow button to follow your updates.


What are Twitter trends?

Twitter trend is the trend that’s passing on Twitter at the moment. Take a simple illustration as follows, when Halloween is near, we will tend to look for Halloween, for illustration. At that time, the trend of writing Tweets or hashtags related to Halloween was adding . Come an active trend for a period of time.


What’s quotation tweet?

Quotation tweet is like retweeting someone’s tweet. Analogous to the Facebook share button for you to understand.


What are hashtags?

Hashtag is a type of keyword related to an event. Hashtags are frequently grouped together, similar as #fifa. Hashtags are frequently used in peer- to- peer discussion and converse networks, is directly between druggies and druggies. As mentioned by #fifa, it’ll list the papers that put #fifa in the composition.

Hashtag is the most used on twitter, latterly facebook streamlined to use this function.

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In my opinion, the hashtag of twitter is much more active than facebook.


How to use Twitter?

How to use Twitter is veritably simple, you just need to register an account and also log in.


Hopefully through the composition What’s Twitter social network, what’s it used for and how to use it, has helped you answer questions about what Twitter is.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this composition.